I don’t know about you – but I’m kinda liking this quarantine.  I’m finding time to do the things I’ve been putting off.  You know – laundry, cleaning out closets, trying out recipes, actually cooking meals.  Also, reading books that have been piled up, researching business ideas, taking webinars, connecting with people I mean to but never do.  Just even playing with my kitty, sitting on my balcony (when it’s nice), have you seen that the trees are beginning to bloom?  Taking an afternoon nap, relaxing with a cup of tea, just listening – to my neighborhood.

I live in an apartment beside a community centre and a high school.  It’s usually pretty busy – 45 families in my building, cars going in and out, dog noise, people coming and going and yakking, crazy busy at the community centre with traffic, basketball, tennis, kids at the playground, skateboarders. Cars driving the kids to school, picking them up.  The kid noise at lunch and after school.  And I also live on the emergency corridor – so there are always ambulances and fire trucks rushing by with their sirens going – plus the traffic, and buses and on and on and on……

And now – SILENCE.  There is hardly anyone out there.  The community centre has closed down the public areas which – a nice bonus for me – means that all the big lights are out.  It is quiet, dark and peaceful.  I’m sleeping like a baby.  I feel calm.  I feel nature.  I feel happy and at peace. 

My days are going by fairly quickly but at the same time – Slower.  Quieter. Calmer. Sweeter. 

I am beginning to understand that this pause for the whole planet is probably what we all needed.  To slow down. To be forced to find out what is really important to each of us. To honor that.

A huge deep breath for all of us.  I hope you too are beginning to feel that. Let’s remember this feeling and take it forward.

Peace to all of you