An update on our reopening May 19, 2020:
1. We have hand sanitizer in the studio - the washroom is steps away for handwashing.
2. Gloves are available if you want to use them.
3. All straps & ropes have been washed and sanitized (as well as everything else in the studio).  New vinyl covers for the straps are on the way.
4.  If you want to purchase your own straps for use in the studio - let me know.
5.  Please bring your own mask if you prefer to wear during the class.
6. Class times are now 50 minutes to allow for cleaning between classes.
7. There is now 10 minutes between class times. (eg. 10:10 instead of 10:00)
8. The instructor will be cleaning all equipment between classes - not clients.
9. Reformers are positioned at 6 ft. (or 2 meters) apart.  There are only 3 in commission.  
10. Remember that YOU are booking yourself into classes now.  Please use this link to book online:
11. If you are wearing socks during class - please put them on when you are on the reformer.