Never Give Your Power Away

Have you ever experienced a time in life where you let someone’s opinion of you change your thoughts, feelings, or behavior? Have you ever made choices that weren’t aligned with your desires but you did it anyway to keep someone else happy? Have you ever let what someone said about you alter your reality or make you question yourself?


These are experiences that most people go through many times throughout life. My goal today is to bring your awareness to what might be happening so you can choose something different.


You see, when you allow the words or expectations of others to impact your life in a way that makes you less happy, you are giving up your power.


The thing to remember is that you are 100% in control of your own happiness, fitness, abundance, and your whole life in general.


Anytime you let someone else take that control, you’re giving your power away.


If you consistently stand in and own your power, what do you think the result in your life will be? If you consistently give your power away, what will be the result?


The next time you feel yourself giving your power up to someone else’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, or desires, remember this message.



Choose to embrace your gift of personal power.

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