Group Training Classes              


Look for new packages with the option to still purchase our $27 class rate.


* Our new class calendar starting September 5th to December 15th 2023.

* Please note Thursday September 7th there will be no evening classes that date.

Our studio is equipped with 4 Reformer/Towers. Within our classes we add in Mat, Suspension Strap, Spine Corrector and more to progress through each class. Look for upcoming workshops this Summer for our new Jumpboard and TRX themed classes to challenge yourself during the warmer months ahead.


We offer multi level classes that are welcoming to every Pilates lover. Feel free to work at your pace and level for that day and always be ready for challenges when you need to take things to the next level. Privates and Semi-Privates are available with more info below.


Reformer Class: Our progressive Reformer classes offer a variety of Pilates favourites like Feet In Straps and so much more! You’ll love performing all the classics while we spice things up with something new each day including all the props to aid and challenge you along the way. We offer 2 levels in our Reformer classes. 


- Level 1 : This is our beginner style class, where we will focus on learning the basics while we focus on form and the fundamental Pilates principles.

- Level 2 :  Uplevel your Pilates practice in our Level 2 classes. We will offer you different challenges while you gain more strength, balance and with the addition of multiple props and more.


Jumpboard Class:  Have a blast in class while gaining strength, endurance and getting your cardio fix in. We'll guide you through an invigorating class of jumping on the jumpboard while incorporating all your favourite Reformer exercises in the mix. 


Mat & Tower Class: Enjoy all your favourite Pilates Mat exercises, while combining the use of the tower throughout. You'll relax your spine with the roll down bar, strengthen with the springs and feel your core throughout. 


Stretch and Roll Class:  Experience the gentle release of the suspension strap, combined with Triggerpoint and slow controlled stretching to end your day and soothe your soul.


Suspension Strap Strength Class:  TRX, Mat and the Tower combined to challenge and strengthen you from head to toe. Learn classic Pilates moves and how to perform them on the TRX while you increase your balance and core strength.



Private Studio Sessions             $80+GST

When new to Pilates, it is highly recommended to have at least one private session with our experienced Pilates instructors, to learn how to adjust the equipment in addition to learning how to perform the beginners sequence of exercises on the

Reformer and Tower


If you have a chronic condition or injury our Pilates Practitioner will provide

modifications specific to you to ensure you will soon be able to join a class with success.   



Want to book a Private? Email us at: 

Class Cancellation Policy

*If you are unable to come to your class appointment, you have up to 15 hours before class time starts to cancel your appointment without any charges. Any classes cancelled after the 15 hour period will be subject to losing class credit.